Friday, May 23, 2014

Vazhaikkai Vathal/Green Plantain Chips/Raw Banana Chips

Vazhakkai is one of the staples in south Indian food. This is one of the easiest snacks also it can be served as sides for rice and rasam. My son A loves it and keeps asking for more. It doesn’t need much of a preparation like potato chips and also tastes great.
Green Plantain-2 big/3 medium sized
Red chilli powder/Pepper powder-1 tsp
Salt-1/2 tsp
Oil-for deep frying

How It Happened:
1. Cut the head and tail of the vazhakkai and peel the skin. Do not peel the skin until the white flesh is completely exposed. Leave a thin layer of green skin. This helps in retaining the shape.
2. Rub a little salt on the plantain/vazhakkai so that it does not change the colour. Mix the chilli/pepper powder with salt and keep ready.
3. Now heat a heavy bottomed kadai with sufficient oil for deep frying. Let the oil become hot, but not smoking hot.
4. Take a grater with chip slot and start grating the plantain directly over the oil. Grate until the plantain covers the surface of the oil. Do not overcrowd.
5. Cook them in medium flame for 2 minutes, then flip them and cook on the other side until they turn golden brown.
6. Remove from oil and drain on a kitchen tissue. Sprinkle the chilli-salt mix and coat them well.
7. Follow the same for rest of the plantains.
8. Once cooled, store them in a clean, dry, air-tight containers.

*Maintain the temperature of the oil by adjusting the flame, throughout the process to get evenly cooked crispy chips, else they may get burned due to high temperature or become soggy with oil due to low temperature and underdone.
*Sprinkle the salt-chili mix while the chips are still hot so that they coat well and stay on them. If served for kids avoid the chilli/pepper powder.

* They keep well for 2 days in shelves.

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