Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mung Bean Curry/Green Gram Tadka/Pachai Payar Kadanchathu/Paasi Payar Kuzhambu

Mung beans are healthy and nutritious. They are rich in proteins, vitamins and dietary fibres. This is a simple dal that goes well with rice and rotis and i go for this when i am out of vegetables and yet want something delicious and healthy.
Mung beans/paasi payar/green gram-1 cup
Tomatoes-2 large, chopped
Shallots-1/2 cup, chopped
Green chillies-4, slit
Turmeric Powder-1/2 tsp
Mustard seeds-1 tsp
Coriander seeds-1/2 tsp
Oil-1 tbsp
Ghee-2 tbsp
Salt-as needed
How It Happened:
1. Wash the mung beans, add it to a cooker along with chopped tomatoes and turmeric powder. Add 2 cups of water and cook in simmer for 2 whistles or until they are soft and mushy. Switch off the flame.
2. Once when the pressure is released, remove the lid and mash the beans coarsely.
3. In a kadai, add oil and ghee and when they are hot add mustard seeds and coriander seeds. When they pop, add sliced shallots and green chillies and fry until golden brown. Now add the mashed beans and salt.
4. Add a little water to adjust the consistency and allow it to boil.
5. After a minute of bubbling, switch off the flame and serve hot with rotis/rice with a little drizzle of ghee on top.

* I highly recommend the use shallots, but in case if you don’t have then replace it with onions.
* Ghee is totally optional, but again those shallots fried to golden brown in desi ghee takes the flavour and taste to another level!
* Coriander seeds are the only strong flavouring agents in this mild dal.
* Do not overdo the mashing as you will end up with a thick, pasty curry which is totally undesirable.

* While boiling, always keep the flame in simmer as the dal gets easily stuck to the base of the kadai and tends to get burnt.

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