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   I am Thangalakshmi alias Tangy currently residing in Abu Dhabi ,Chandigarh,Coimbatore. I am a full time home maker (have a full-time job now!) blessed with a loving husband and a Wonderful son.I was not much interested in cooking being a well-pampered youngest child in the whole family with no siblings (spoiled brat!!!).But I had a great interest in relishing the delicious food that came from my amma’s magical hands! When i started working, I had to move to Chennai and I started with hot water and maggi. When i stepped up to cook rice, my parents came to a conclusion that i was ready to get married and found the good guy Maharajan (referred to as M)and ended up in UAE in a lonely apartment with a kitchen and 2 hungry tummies to feed. So finally i took the challenge and with lots of notes,gazillion phone calls back to India to my MIL and Mom (bless them!) and after n number of flops, today i can cook a pretty decent meal ! I have a hand-written recipe book and a LOT of bits of paper scribbled with notes from cookery shows. I decided to organize them and thatz when the blog was born!My husband is the best critic but he is not adventurous and limits his comments and eats to Indian cuisine so my next best critic is my son Abhiudith (referred as A) who loves all other cuisines other than Indian!Yeah ! that diverse is my family when it comes to food and taste preferences. Hence i cook and eat anything and everything that fancies my boys and the same is recorded here!

My blog will be featuring lacto-ovo-veg dishes.The recipes are partly from Amma, partly from other blogs (due credits given) and some created by me!!!. My family follows strict vegetarianism but my husband (M) and I indulge in eggy treats and we love it!

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