Monday, April 7, 2014

Zapota/Sapodilla/Chikku Milkshake

Yet another drinks post. yes.. I often make cool fresh drinks in summer..well almost every day. Milkshakes are M’s favorite. I like juices that are thin and watery. He loves the thick and creamy ones. Especially this Chikku milkshake. We both love the fruit, its grainy texture and rich sweet taste. Zapota is rich in calories, antioxidant tannins and dietary fiber. Milkshake are best source of energy for kids who are fuzzy eaters.
Zapota/Sapodilla- 5 medium sized
Sugar-1 tbsp
Boiled Milk-1 cup
Ice cream-1 scoop+ for topping

How it Happened:
1. Wash the Zapota, peel the skin, remove the seeds and cut into pieces.
2. Boil the milk and cool it. Store them in the refrigerator until used.
3. Add the fruit and all the other ingredients to a blender jar and whip for 2 minutes or until done.

4. Pour into the serving glass, top it with a spoon of ice cream and serve

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