Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pancharatna Dal/Dal Panchratni

If I am too lazy to work, my go to dish would be dal. Dal and rice would be a nice comforting meal on any given lousy day. First time when I saw a bag of mixed dals at Nilgiris,I was wondering what to do with this. Then I forgot about it. Sometime after that I saw this post by Nags here.
Now I know how to use it. It’s the same old dal recipe just with extra nutrients because of multiple lentil varieties in it. Now I make it a point to buy ½ kg bag of mixed dals every month during grocery shopping. This is a preparation followed by me, to suit my taste (read laziness!).Nothing fancy, but still a warm, fulfilling meal.
Serves 2 
Moong dal/green gram dal split and skinned-2 tbsp
Toor dal/red gram dal-2 tbsp
Channa dal/Bengal gram dal-2tbsp
Masoor dal/split red lentil-2 tbsp
Split urad dal with skin/black gram dal split-1 tbsp
Mixed dal (in case if u can get the ready mixed dal bag)-1/2 cup
Turmeric powder- ½ tsp
Green chilies-3, slit
Onion-1 medium, roughly chopped
Tomato-1 medium, roughly chopped
Ginger-1 inch piece, finely sliced
Garlic-3 pods, sliced (optional)
Coriander leaves- 2 tbsp, finely chopped
Salt-as needed
To Temper:
Oil- 1 tbsp
Mustard seeds- 1tsp
Cumin seeds- 1 tsp
Asafoetida- 1 big pinch

How it Happened:
1. Wash the lentils and soak them in 2 cups of water for 30 minutes. Then add the lentils along with the soaked water into a pressure cooker.
2. Add turmeric powder, salt, green chilies, tomato, onion, ginger and garlic.mix well. Cover with lid and pressure cook for 1 whistle in medium flame.
3. Then simmer for 5 minutes. Switch off the flame. Wait till the pressure is released.
4. Heat oil in a tadka pan; add all the ingredients given under temper, when they pop add it to the dal.
5. Mix well, garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with rotis or rice with a little ghee on top.

*Soaking the dal helps in cooking easily.
*If u want it to be spicy add a ½ tsp of sambar powder to the dal before pressure cooking.

*Garlic helps in digestion and also adds a mellow flavor, but you can skip it.

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