Friday, April 3, 2015

Lunch Menu 4

Today is Panguni utharam, a day we offer our prayers to our gods. To those who don’t know, Panguni Uthram is  day that falls somewhere in March or April when we make special poojas for our regional/family deities. Wherever we are, inland or abroad, on this particular day we visit our family temples with our blood relatives and worship for prosperity of the family. As utharam always comes during vacation, I had great excitement during my childhood.

The thought of going to Tirunelveli, meeting my sistas and bros, spending 1 whole day in the temple making rounds and eating whatever any of your relatives offer, the pond nearby that was usually full during this festival day and mostly dries out on other days of the year the air with scents of incense sticks, the burning hot sweet/sarkarai  pongal, the panchamirtham made by all men in the family (who otherwise, don’t even care to know where the kitchen was in the house) were all fun and happy. But now I m far and I couldn’t visit but I usually make a feast on the day just as they do back home and pray and do pooja at the same time when they do poojas at the temple( my mom calls from there and informs). Every year I make such spread but have never clicked because all I feel after cooking is that I wanna crash in the couch and sleep after having the lunch. But this year as a true food blogger I offered my prayers made M wait for 15 minutes clicked  a few pictures of the spread (well my photo isn’t that good) which gave a sense of satisfaction..ahhhh. So now I don’t have to explain y I m posting late J
The menu includes:
Arachuvita Sambar/Idi sambar-recipe soon
Beans Poriyal/stir fry-recipe soon
Semiya Payasam/Vermicelli Kheer-recipe soon
Paruppu Vadai/Lentil fritters-recipe soon
Instant Mango pickle-recipe soon
Click the links for the recipes and remaining recipes will be posted soon.

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