Friday, February 20, 2015

Egg Kothu Idly/Mutta Idly-Madurai Special

Egg kothu idly is a famous street food in Madurai, a city famous for its roadside eateries. I haven’t seen/eaten this dish in Madurai but I have heard a lot about it and felt like trying it one day. Now as I want to make something to improve the strength of recipes under eggs category I tried it and I m like what a fool I am for not trying it this long! It was so delish.
The secret is cooking in hot tawa and also the vegetable masala/salna.The recipe link is given there do check that and I m sure you ll be wowie! I m sure this is gonna be a keeper from now on! Here is the recipe!

Idly/steamed rice cakes-2, roughly chopped
Onion-1, large, finely chopped
Pepper powder-1/2 tsp
Coriander leaves-to garnish
Oil-2 tbsp
Salt-as needed
For Masala Podi/Spice Blend:
Urad dal/black gram dal-1 tbsp
Cinnamon-1 inch stick
Star anise-1 petal
Fennel seeds/saunf-1 tsp
Dry roast the spices and urad dal until golden brown then cool and grind them to a fine powder.
How It Happened:
1. Heat oil in a tawa; add the onions and salt and sauté until they are slightly brown.
2. Reserve 1 tsp of masala powder and add the rest along with pepper powder and sauté then add chopped idly and mix once.

3. Crack open two eggs in a bowl add the vegetable masala to it and beat well.
4. Add the egg mixture to the tawa and mix well and start scrambling them vigorously using you ladle (preferably steel)!

5. Let it cook for 2 minutes; sprinkle the reserved masala powder mix once.
6. Transfer to a serving plate, garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot.

* The tawa should be really hot during the process.
* Getting the salna/vegetable masala right is the key to the taste.
* Dry roast the spices well else they impart a raw smell.
* The measurements given above make a generous/greedy serving for one.
* I added just one egg (b'coz of guilt),but the ratio of 2 idlies to 2 eggs makes it taste yumm!
* Do not skip the vegetable masala, else there will be major compromise in taste.

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