Monday, February 16, 2015

Black Grape Granita

Granita is a great way to eat fruits with their natural flavors especially to cope up with the scorching summer; granitas always come to your rescue. Granitas can be made with almost all types of fruits. When the fruits are fresh my M goes overboard and buys in kgs for 2! You know what I mean!!
After eating them raw, juicing them, then transferring to the refrigerator, a few shows up in some desserts and some transform to granitas before they could rot! Thatz how I ended up making granitas with almost all fruits I could get and believe me they are easy to make and easier to eat and feed!

Black Grapes-2 cups
Sugar-2 tbsp
Lemon juice 1 tsp (optional)
How It Happened:
1. Wash the grapes and add it to the blender with sugar. Blend well until everything is smooth.
2. Add lemon juice to it and blitz it once.
3. Transfer it to a freezer safe box and freeze them.

4. After 2 hours/when its frozen scour it with fork. Repeat the process for 3-5 times at regular intervals. Let it set for 5 hours/overnight.
5. Scour with a fork and transfer the shavings/scouring to a bowl and serve immediately.
* Lemon juice add extra tang and also helps sugar in crystallizing. But you can skip them.
*I used seedless grapes. You can use red globe grapes as well.

* After blending, you can strain them through a filter to remove the skin if you want. But I didn’t, as I know the skin has a lot of health benefits and also they add a texture which I like!!!!

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