Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sweet Pidi Kozhukattai

Pidi kozhukattai is a favourite of lord Ganesha and it is another traditional sweet made on ganesh chathurthi day. Amma has her own recipe for making this traditional sweet interesting and delicious. So here is the recipe.
Rice flour/ Idiyappam flour-1 cup
Jaggery-1 cup
Toasted black sesame seeds-1 tsp
Split moong dal-1 tbsp
Coconut-1/4 cup, cut into thin pieces
Salt-as needed
Ghee-1 tbsp
Water-2 cups
How it Happened:
1. Ina pan, heat ½ tbsp of ghee and add the coconut pieces to them. Roast them until they are golden brown. Transfer them to a plate.
2. In the same pan, add the moong dal and roast them until golden brown.
3. Now in a mixing bowl, add the flour and salt. Mix well. Then add the sesame seeds, roasted moong dal and coconut pieces. Mix all the dry ingredients well. Add the remaining ghee to this mixture.
4. In a sauce pan, heat the water and when it starts boiling i.e., when the water starts forming bubbles on the rims of the vessels and when the bubbles start coming up from the bottom, switch off the flame.
5. Pour the water slowly into the flour mixture and with a help of a wooden ladle, keep mixing the mixture. Once when all the flour is well combined to form a mass, stop pouring water. Once when the mixture has cool enough to handle, apply oil in your hands and start kneading the flour mixture. The mixture will become pliable and non-sticky.
6. Take a small amount of the mixture, keep it in your palm, close all the fingers and this makes an elongated finger imprinted dumpling. Similarly make use of  all the dough.
7. In a oiled steamer plate, arrange these dumplings/kozhukattai, and steam them in medium flame for 10-15 minutes.
8. Once the dumplings are cooked transfer them to a plate and cool down.
9. These dumplings can be stored at room temperature for 4-5 days.

*I used ready-made flour. You can also use homemade rice flour but make sure it is roasted.
*Roast all the ingredients well. This helps in improving the kozhukattai’s shelf life.
* Slowly add the water and keep mixing. The mixture should be pliable but add water carefully else the mixture may become watery. In that case add more flour to adjust the consistency.
* The water should not be rolling boiled. This may result in hard kozhukattai.

* As all the ingredients in the kozhukattai are roasted the shelf life is good for this dumpling.

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