Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lunch Menu 2

Its been like forever since I posted anything. Last month my parents,aunt and uncle visited us and it was one hectic schedule with all the short and long, holy and jolly trips planned and executed and we were almost on our toes all the time planning, packing or travelling.I hardly had any time to click food pics though i cooked a lot with Amma.
Now with everyone back in their pavilion, I m back to my track. But it takes a lot to break the shell as it makes u sluggy and leaves you confused to where to start.So was i dragging and lazing around but today i swore to myself that i should post and here i come! This is a simple but hearty meal.

Lunch menu 2:
Urulai varuval/Potato fry
Keerai poriyal/Amaranth leaves stir fry.
Actually they usually add either vadai or vendaikkai(only one) in mor kuzhambu. My son A loves vadai and so i made that. M loves lady’s finger so fried it and added that too.It was really good.
The best combination for mor kuzhambu is potato fry and keerai masiyal/arai keerai kadanchathu. As i couldn’t get arai keerai i used thandu keerai and made poriyal.

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