Sunday, March 30, 2014

Watermelon Juice

Its summer and as I told we just gulp in a lot of liquids to manage the heat. Watermelon is one of my favourite fruits and during summer I always stock up this fruit and eat as much as I can. This a simple juice recipe with a twist. M too likes it.
Watermelon-1 small melon (approx.1kg of flesh)
Chilled water -2 cups
Elaichi/Cardamom-2 pods

How it Happened:
1. Chop the melon, slice the flesh and remove the seeds (as much as you can!)
2. Add the flesh to the blender jar with the chilled water and cardamom and sugar. Blend well.
3. Filter the juice through a strainer. If you are using the juicer jar, you can skip this step.
4. Pour in the serving glass and serve chilled.

1. Adding chilled water facilitates grinding and also helps in getting the thin consistency. Else you can use ice cubes as well.
2. Straining helps in removing the Elaichi skin and other seeds that were missed. If you blend well there won’t be much of a pulp left behind.

3. Adjust sugar as per your taste.

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