Saturday, February 22, 2014


My Son loves jellies. I want to try those at home. I love those jelly candies coated with sugar, colorful, wiggly....Yummmm...So I was searching for a simple and easy recipe to try it out and I found it in erivum puliyumm…
The recipe was simple, clear and most of all it was for a small batch which I could do as a tester batch..I tried and it turned out to be a super hit .Not only A loved it but also M, who generally doesn’t eat these kiddies stuffs. I tweaked the recipe to suit our tastes and also halved the recipe.
P.S: Do read the notes section before moving ahead with the recipe.
water -3/4 cup
light corn syrup-1/2 tsp
unflavored gelatin- 1 1/4 tbsp (refer notes)
sugar -3/4cup
salt a pinch
super fine sugar 1/2 cup
food colors & essences 2-3 drops each

How it happened:
1. Soak gelatin in 1/4 cup room temperature or cold water for 10 minutes.
2. Boil 1/2 cup water in a deep heavy pan on high heat, add sugar and salt. Stir and let it dissolve.
3. Add the soaked gelatin in the boiling water and stir until it melts.
4. Wait till the mixture boils again. Once boiled, set your timer to 15 minutes and keep stirring.(refer notes)
5. Add the light corn syrup and continue to stir another 1 1/2 minutes.
6. Add in the lemon juice and switch off the flame.
8. Remove as much foam as possible formed on top of the boiled mixture and transfer to another bowl.
9. Divide the mixture in different bowls and add the food color, essences.
10. Pour into the molds and allow setting in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours. Once solidified run a wooden skewer along the edges. Spread the super fine sugar on a plate and transfer the Jujups to the plated and roll them      gently until completely coated with sugar. Serve at room temperature.

*Boil the water in a really deep pan as throughout the process the liquid keeps boiling over and hence it is necessary to keep liquid deep in the pan so that it doesn’t pour out of the vessel.
*regulate the flame as required so as not to caramelize the sugar and also keep stirring.
*The original recipe calls for lemon juice but I didn’t add any, if you want you can add it.
Color and essence Combination:
Yellow-pineapple, banana, mango flavors
Green-cardamom extract
Orange-orange flavor
Red-Strawberry flavor

Pink-Rose essence or rose water